McKenzie Funk

McKenzie Funk writes for Harper’s, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Outside, and The New York Times Magazine and is the author of Windfall, a book about climate change with reporting from five continents and 24 countries. He is one of the founding members of the journalism collective Deca.

Windfall (2014) was named an Amazon Best Book of the Month and received a starred review in Kirkus Reviews. Publisher's Weekly commended Funk's "original, forthright take on this little-discussed profit-taking trend in the climate change sweepstakes."

Funk began pondering how countries and corporations are preparing for a changing climate during a 2006 assignment in the Arctic, where he joined the Canadian military on a patrol of future shipping lanes and oil depots in the contentious Northwest Passage. A longtime adventurer—he won a National Geographic Expeditions Council grant to hitchhike the new Trans-Siberian Highway and was on the second American expedition to ski Tibet’s 8,012-meter Shishapangma—Funk spent the next half-decade meeting water brokers, land speculators, and seawall builders, witnessing a world getting ready to heat up.

A Livingston and National Magazine Award finalist and a winner of the Oakes Prize for Environmental Journalism, he was a 2011-2012 Knight Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan.  He speaks Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and, mostly, English.



From The Best Books of 2013: “Funk’s take on global-warming profiteering is as entertaining as it is disturbing.” – Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker

“A shocking account of how governments and corporations are confronting the crises caused by global warming: After traveling to 24 countries and more than a dozen states and meeting hundreds of people, journalist Funk concluded that ‘existing [global] imbalances seem only magnified by climate change’… A well-written, useful global profile.” – Kirkus (starred)

“In Windfall, McKenzie Funk introduces us to people betting money on our dear planet’s decimation. Spoiler: They’re rich.” – GQ

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