Christy Jordan comes from a long line of Southern cooks who raised her to appreciate the real wealth in life: Family, Friends, Faith, and Good Food. The founder of Southern Plate, Christy strives to preserve Southern food heritage. Her food is simple, old fashioned, economical, and in most cases quick and easy. She lives in Northern Alabama with her husband and children.



“True family meals begin with realistic planning, and this accessible collection of recipes has been designed with the demands of a busy parent in mind… The operative word here is ‘homey,’ and while Jordan doesn’t innovate any new flavor pairings, her Spaghetti Lovers’ Soup, Cornbread-Topped Chicken Potpie, and Cinnamon Pudding Cobbler could coax knife-shy cooks into the kitchen and reluctant eaters to the table.” – Publishers Weekly

“Chock full of one-dish casserole and crockpot recipes, Come Home To Supper is designed for that time-starved demographic. Stuffed in between the hundreds of recipes are homilies about life and home. And lastly, on top of everything, she slathers on a layer of goodwill.” – C.F. Foster, The Florida Times-Union

“I could go on and on about the things I love about this book, but the aspect I love the most is the over-arching theme of bringing the family together at the end of the day to reconnect.” – Kristin, Dizzy, Busy & Hungry