Amanda Hesser is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. She is a co-founder of Food52, which won the James Beard Awards’ Publication of the Year, and she's been named one of the 50 most influential women in food by Gourmet. Before Food52, Hesser was a reporter at the New York Times, and the food editor at the Times Magazine. She wrote the award-winning books Cooking for Mr. Latte and The Cook and the Gardener, and edited the essay collection Eat, Memory. Her last book, a Times bestseller and the winner of a James Beard award, is The Essential New York Times Cookbook. Hesser is a trustee of Awesome Food, and is an adviser to The SpenceGroup.

Amanda Hesser is an American food writer, editor, cookbook author and entrepreneur. Most notably, she was the food editor of The New York Times Magazine, the editor of T Living, a quarterly publication of The New York Times, and co-founder and CEO of Food52. Hesser is the author of five books--The Cook and the Gardener (1999); Cooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover's Courtship, with Recipes (2004); The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century (2010); The Food52 Cookbook: 140 Winning Recipes from Exceptional Home Cooks (2011); and The Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2: Seasonal Recipes from Our Kitchens to Yours (2012). The Essential New York Times Cookbook was a New York Times bestseller.

After finishing her first book, in 1997, Hesser was hired as a food reporter for The New York Times where she wrote more than 750 stories. While at the Times, Hesser wrote about the influence of Costco on the wine industry, uncovered the politics behind the New York City Greenmarket, and was among the first to write about Ferran Adria of El Bulli in a major American publication. While Hesser left the Times in March 2008 to focus on the development of Food52, she continued to write the "Recipe Redux" feature for the Times magazine until February 27, 2011. Food52 has won numerous notable awards including the James Beard Award for Publication of the Year (2012) and the IACP Award for Best Website (2013).

Hesser was featured in Food and Wine's 40 under 40 list, was named one of the 50 most influential women in food by Gourmet Magazine, and had a cameo as herself in the film Julie and Julia.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children. 

Praise for The Food 52 Cookbook, Volume 2

“The kind [of cookbook] that food lovers will alternately treasure and argue over. Like life, the book is sometimes inspired, sometimes messy, a bit imperfect, but full of heart.” – T. Susan Chang, The Boston Globe

“Followers of Hesser’s work will find that the Food52 cookbooks are yet another chapter in her ever-interesting career… Hesser has something of a golden touch, right down to picking a partner in Stubbs.” – Kendra Nordin, The Christian Science Monitor

Praise for The Food 52 Cookbook

“Nothing earth-shaking, but deeply and sincerely delicious, which, come to think of it, could be considered earth-shaking in its own way.” – Russ Parsons, The Los Angeles Times

Praise for The Essential New York Times Cookbook

“It is a fascinating look at American food trends, a wonderful walk down memory lane, and a great cookbook—all rolled into one.” – Penny Pleasance, NY Journal of Books

Epicurious, A Conversation with Amanda Hesser

Praise for The Cook and the Gardener

“A cookbook that reads like a book, The Cook and the Gardener is a food tome that will probably spend more time on the bedside table than in the kitchen. It’s a light read, offering a perfect ‘late night’ get-away that will get you to dreaming about food, if not fixing it.” – Rebecca Chastenet De Gery, Austin Chronicle

“Readers who have been pining for a new literary cookbook need look no further… Cooks who pick from Hesser’s 200 month-by-month recipes will easily imagine themselves at least momentarily transported to the French countryside.” – Publishers Weekly, (starred)

Praise for Cooking for Mr. Latte

“Charming and smart.” – Rand Richards Cooper, The New York Times

“Recipes, restaurant critiques, and food lore—all agreeably season New York Times food writer Hesser’s beguiling story of her two loves: food and the initially unpromising Mr. Latte… A yummy treat even for fans of Sanka and Michelob.” – Kirkus